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The MVP for Happiness Meter is an innovative solution designed to measure and track customer satisfaction levels in real-time. Consisting of three elements, including a physical camera placed on the customer service desk and two applications, this product aims to provide valuable insights into customer emotions and satisfaction. By capturing facial expressions of customers during interactions with customer service agents, the system translates this data into a graphical representation, indicating the client's satisfaction level.

Additionally, a web-based portal allows administrators to log in and access comprehensive statistics about customer service agents, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize customer experiences.

Product Function

The MVP combines physical and digital components to create a robust system for measuring customer satisfaction. The physical camera, placed on the customer service desk, captures the facial emotions of clients during their interactions. The desktop application, used by customer service agents, requires them to activate a session for each client they serve. During this session, the physical camera records facial expressions and translates them into a graphical representation, reflecting the client's satisfaction level. The captured data provides valuable insights into customer emotions, enabling customer service agents to adapt their approach and enhance customer experiences. Furthermore, the web-based portal empowers administrators by offering comprehensive statistics about all customer service agents, facilitating performance analysis, and providing actionable information to improve service quality.

My Role

As a member of the development team, my role involved designing the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) for the MVP of the Happiness Meter.

With a focus on user-centered design principles, I created intuitive and visually appealing interfaces for both the desktop application and the web-based portal. For the desktop application, I ensured that the user interface allowed customer service agents to seamlessly activate sessions with clients and receive real-time feedback on client satisfaction.

In the web-based portal, I crafted an interface that provided administrators with clear and comprehensive statistics, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and optimize customer service performance.

Throughout the design process, I prioritized usability, visual clarity, and efficient data visualization to enhance user engagement and facilitate effective analysis. By leveraging UX/UI design best practices, I aimed to contribute to the overall success and usability of the MVP for Happiness Meter, empowering organizations to improve customer satisfaction and deliver exceptional experiences.


User research / User persona / Design benchmark / Information architecture / Wireframes / User interface / Design system / Usability testing

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